IGC making inroads into retail

IGC Play-to-Earn Games alt coins moon: How to increase your portfolio What could be better than enjoying blockchain free games and being rewarded with IGC that will increase your portfolio. Our team of software designers and engineers have developed a series of play to earn fun games available on both IOS and Android for users […]

Review for play to earn ecosystem

Week in Review for play to earn ecosystem   Always building away with our $IGC (In Game Credit) platform this week has been very focussed on ramping up our team and developments across the board. Below we highlight some of the initiatives we are directly focussing on. We have also been playing around with the […]

Swap crypto for retail rewards engine

Exchange IGC for retail rewards, coupons and gift cards coming soon ABB – Always be building!  In line with our phase 5 of our IGC (In Game Credit) project we have just initiated our “Swap exchange engine build”. This feature will enable holders and players to exchange $IGC for real discount rewards in our platform […]

Crypto games android and IOS free

Looking for Crypto Games for  Android and IOS? The crew at In Game Credit have the solution for you. We build modules for play to earn crypto games and build an entire ecosystem for players to enjoy blockchain games. There are great companies our there like Gala Games however we have positioned ourselves with a […]

Best Play to Earn Games

Best Play To Earn Games (IGC) This week we have been testing out the new API’s that help to facilitate the common functions we have across the IGC games mix. We operate on the XRPL a fantastic blockchain for its reliability speed and low cost transaction (Gas) fees. Lets go through some highlights and testing […]