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Play interconnected games with IGC play to earn blockchain games. IGC can be won, earned, used in multiple games from iHunt4 through to puzzle games. Join the IGC community and start collecting IGC.

IGC Must Have Free Games

AR Shooter

Do you love Augmented reality fun games? Then you will love shooting the ar aliens, the ar monsters and characters that appear right before your eyes on your phone. Shoot the ar game characters to win igc points which can be moved to other igc games. 

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AR Throw

Another fantastic game from IGC studios. We love AR or augmented reality and welcome you to try out our widely successful AR throwing game.  Your mission is to load the augmented reality and throw the ar objects into the desired location. As part of the game the player is not allowed to go outside the ar barrier. 

Logikl Puzzle

Here is your challenge: You only have 60 seconds per guess in this best puzzle game and to test your mind and guess the right combination of letters to obtain the word. Built to test the toughest brain. Every day everybody faces a challenging word. The magic word has six letters making it one of the hard puzzle quiz games then with only sixty seconds to complete your guess this is an igc game meaning you earn ingame credits to swap between all our games.

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