Wallet setup

$IGC is a valuable In Game Credit that can be purchased on exchanges and then sent to the games to be used in game play.  All of the games integrated with the $IGC module can be updated with In Game Credit. We use a wallet called Xumm to move the credits in and out of the various games. Below is a step by step guide on how to gain IGC credits.

Step 1. download a xumm wallet


Xumm is available on the play store and IOS store at no charge. Xumm is a great place to self custody your $IGC and your XRP. Self custody means you have control for safety over your $IGC. It is recoverable by your secret keys so never loose or share your secret keys with ANYBODY. Xumm wallets are free however to activate a new XRP address the blockchain will need  10 XRP tokens which go into an escrow. You will also need 2 XRP to open an $IGC trustline. In total you should have more than 12+ XRP to set this process up. This is done to prevent spam and can be recovered if you close your address. 

Step 2. setting up xumm

Once you have downloaded open the Xumm app. Xumm will ask you to write down your secret numbers 8 rows. So grab a pen and paper and keep them safe do not reveal them to anyone. 




Step 3. Activate Your address

Once you have set up your new XRP account on Xumm you will then need to activate it with 10 XRP. You will also need 2 XRP 


Your new XRP address will be a long string of numbers and letters on the top of your Xumm account. Example “rHECS86crDF1IciRT79L9y64sXrEtUa5rr” If you are sending your XRP from an exchange like Binance you will not need a destination tag or memo.

Step 4. Set $igc Trustline

To buy, sell and receive $IGC you will need to set up an $IGC Trustline. Its is part of the blockchain to prevent spamming. Once you have setup an $IGC trustline you will be able to see IGC appear in decentralized exchanges like XRPtoolkit.

Setting up a trustline is easy by visiting the below link and signing your transaction in Xumm you will see $IGC appear in your Xumm account this will enable you to buy, sell and receive IGC as you play the games. You do not need a transactional memo.

Step 5. Buy $IGC

All of our games have the functionality to earn IGC, withdraw and top up integrated into the games. $IGC is also collectable and can be purchased on XRPtoolkit.com. A

We have built the system so you can also buy $IGC on XRPtoolkit and then send it to the games you wish to play. If you would like to withdraw you can also withdraw back to your Xumm wallet for the safe keeping of your $IGC.

Handy tips for buying $IGC on XRP Tool Kit or Unhosted Exchange

1) You must have setup an $IGC trustline for IGC to appear in your trading section

2) You can set a limit (set buy or sell) or an at market order

Step 6. Send or withdraw $IGC to /from games

All $IGC games have the ability to send and receive $IGC cryptocurrency to your Xumm wallet. 

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