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IGC – In Game Credit Puzzle is a fun easy play to earn game powered by the dev team at IGC. The picture game puzzle starts off easy with the player identifying the common scene or word to pass the level. Upon selecting the correct word the player is rewarded with IGC. IGC can be withdrawn and moved to any of our fantastic games. Collect as much IGC as possible with our puzzle game.

This is one of the best play to earn games from In Game Credit. What is a play to earn game? A play to earn game is a game which is usually free and enables the player to gain cryptocurrency credits for participating in the game. By playing IGC games you can easily move your IGC points to your wallet and exchange them to other alternate games within our system. 

IGC is based on the XRP Ledger a fantastic fast secure blockchain. Our gaming credit system has been around since 2021 and we specialize in all types of games from Augmented reality to puzzle games for all to enjoy. 

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