IGC & SWFT to enable players to trade ETH and Bitcoin for IGC using metamask

SWFT AllChain Bridge a next generation blockchain company today announced it has listed the crypto currency IGC or In Game Credit on its state of the art exchange platform. This exciting development for IGC means that players from around the world can use the platform to swap over 350 cryptocurrencies to IGC with only a few simple clicks. 


“Players using metamask can now easily obtain IGC and eliminate the process of buying XRP and swapping on a decentralised exchange. XRP is still used to acquire the IGC although this is performed by smart AI and SWFT processes the functions in the backend” mentioned Simon Church from IGC.


The team at SWFT AllChain Bridge have organised a special widget that will be embedded into the IGC system enabling players to use a variety of wallets. Popular wallets such as metamask can be used to swap popular currencies such as Etherium or Bitcoin to gain access to the IGC token.  

“We are pleased to be able to offer another alternative way for players to access the IGC token. As we roll out our gaming assets we look for simple alternatives to offer to the customer base” Mentioned Simon Church 


Etherium and Bitcoin are very popular blockchains and common wallet tools such as metamask are often used to hold these cryptocurrencies. The listing of IGC on the SWFT AllChain Bridge now makes it  easier for players to exchange over 350 cryptocurrencies in a way they are familiar with. This takes away the complexity of the player visiting unknown decentralised exchanges to make the trades. 

This new addition will enable over 350 new cryptocurrency pairs with IGC and add over 40 new wallets to the combination of swaps.  

The team at SWFT AllChain Bridge have provided In Game Credit with a special widget that is embedded so the exchange of IGC can take place within a matter of clicks. This widget will make it smoother and easier for players to use a product they know well such as metamask to obtain IGC through the SWFT AllChain Bridge platform. This exciting news sets IGC in prime position when it releases its multiple games to the blockchain market.