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IGC – Weekly update and progress report

This week has been another exciting week for our team with warehouse demonstrations and lots of product development. We can definitely say our whiteboards have had a work out this week. Our main focus is making the apps smooth for onboarding both retail and players to create a seamless experience. Out of our primary three apps iHunt is striving ahead with large process flow implementations. Ai Celeb we are loading and training the AI and improving the UI screens. Lil Stepy we ran into some challenges technically (Excuse the pun) however we are back on track with a solution to be implemented next week. A new hire is now assisting with the social media login to help onboard and scale as quickly as possible. The warehouse visit was the highlight this week as we are very excited to go live and begin the next phase of this journey.  Listing below some of the new user flows to demonstrate how we are polishing for multiple launches across the ecosystem. 


iHunt4 -This week we visited some of our retailers to demonstrate key features including our “Retail Exchange Engine” our QR code claim process and how retailers enter the required data into the system. Our team is working hard on the process flows to make sure everything is as user friendly for our retailers and for our players. 


“The win for retailers is the ability to drive foot traffic to specific store locations and run targeted campaigns for product lines” 




iHunt4 – We have improved the process flow for placing treasures into the hunt. This will assist with the automation and self management to be able to scale globally quickly.


Treasures can be placed by “Any Sized” retailer or player into the hunt via the APP or the dashboard. 


We have added further tutorial and help screens throughout the apps with guidance links for support. 

Ai Celeb – We have added more data from real comedians for the games

Social Logins – We are implementing social logins across all IGC apps 

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