The Game Plan

IGC (In Game Credit) is a universal gaming token that can be utilized through many games. There are many elements we need to make to achieve this goal from backend infrastructure, selecting the right blockchain to power the digital asset, creating a reusable developers module for the major games platforms and much more. We began building on the XRPL way back in 2021. We have seen many projects come and go and we have a long term strategy to build utility and liquidity on the XRP ledger for many years to come. The team build, buy, sponsor apps and games to expand the ecosystem. Revenue from the multiple revenue streams is fed back into the dex /cex and to further expand the network.

Phase One

Our flagship game / app iHunt4 is an augmented reality treasure hunt where retailers can place real retail promotions at exact locations. When the player reaches the location they are greeted with an AR and a collectable promotion from the retailer. We demonstrated our product at major shows throughout the USA and signed up many retailers for our release. We took a hit in 2022 with the market frowning on the crypto market and retailers were not as accepting. To combat this we have held the full release of the game while still building dozens of AR designs for when we release the app on a global scale. We will continue to take on beta registered clients and polish the game for the release at the right time. 

Phase Two

Modules we have never stopped building and started to build phase two which includes replicating the core gaming blockchain features we featured and tested in iHunt4. Such as login, earn, win, withdraw, spend, top up and place them into a replicable packet for our own developers to quickly integrate into games.

Mini Games

We call them mini games as their sole purpose is to test how cheaply and quickly we can push ready made games into the market then test the backend processes. We will use them as a learning curve to polish the documentation and how from a customer server point of view we can handle the fifty games before we start to scale to hundreds then thousands. These KPIs are important to show how we have performed our research and development to be able to scale the infrastructure.

The Games

We have acquired a wide of ready made games from more AR games, puzzle games, shooter, flight, commando etc. Our intention once the model is proven is high quality games integrations, partnerships and online betting using the $IGC asset.

IGC Utility

Having the ability to spend $IGC in the games and control the different features through API calls back to our infrastructure is exciting. Games that use IGC where IGC is spent are important. Most impressive is the rules engine we have built for each of the games to withdraw the IGC. Thankfully we made the right choice to select the XRPL and we can process both top up to game and withdrawals almost instantly. 


Aware of the liquidity issues facing many project on the XRPL and part of our plan is to help onboard new users to the XRPL through our series of integrated games. We have set up methods through our games where players may earn their $IGC and if they wish to withdraw to move their $IGC around then educational steps to set up the correct wallets and trustlines. 

As the world or cryptocurrencies continues to grow many new users begin by starting on popular blockchains like ethereum or bitcoin and they use the standard tools like Metamask & Uniswap. Unfortunately they then are faced with horrendously slow blockchain transactions and HUGE gas fees taking away the excitement of a transaction. For converted uses who use products like Xumm they never look back. We have an uphill battle with helping newbies understand things like trustlines and ways to purchase.  Our mission is to easily convert newbies onto the XRP ledger so they see the benefits like speed, security and low costs.

The Future

$IGC running through thousands of apps and games, using our platform infrastructure to power the core functions. This week to achieve this we were working on our multi games module/API calls, demonstrations, applied for some launch accelerators, in negotiations with a games supplier. Collaboration with other XRPL projects. Created the new games logos and applied the pretty new logos to the home page here. 

The most exciting events this week were…

In negotiations with two online casinos. In talks with lawyers regarding jurisdiction for gambling sites.

We have been working with a solution provider where we will apply a widget to our websites where users can exchange $ETH $BTC and many others directly for $IGC in turn creating an easier ways for users to obtain $IGC to be used in the IGC ecosystem. To be announced shortly! However if a player holds any of the 800+ cryptocurrencies they can gain $IGC very simply.

One thing that excites me the most is the simplicity of moving $IGC in and out of games. It is just brilliant and sooo fast on the XRPL. 

Video Short insider video by Mason LightHouse productions the videographer for many of the popular in Xumm videos. We plan to release this in conjunction with a few of the releases. Acquiring and partnering with larger studios.

Campaigns to accelerate our growth major releases and partnerships. The most impressive part of our technology is what we have built on-top of the XRPL as we use it to run a fantastic “In Game Credit” system. Once we have proven our model we will use investment to expand the ecosystem.


Anyways till next week. Simon & the crew