Best Play To Earn Games (IGC)

This week we have been testing out the new API’s that help to facilitate the common functions we have across the IGC games mix. We operate on the XRPL a fantastic blockchain for its reliability speed and low cost transaction (Gas) fees. Lets go through some highlights and testing from this week. 
Preparing for release we are testing the reusable module aspects on iHunt4.com an AR global treasure hunt. These features are available in our module that can be applied to games using the $IGC ecosystem. In this example see the counter top right is 1805 IGC. After the daily reward we can see the amount change. This can be controlled across all our APPs by our backend. And if you wish and have connected your Xumm or Xiaman or whatever its called now you can withdraw to your wallet. 
In this next test we are testing the iHunt4 levels feature. The concept here is for the players to spend a small amount of IGC in this case it is 50 IGC$ to play the AR level however if they complete the level our new feature will reward them with a certain amount. All of which we can specify in the back end to multiple games. In this demonstration we will be spending 50 IGC and if we find the treasure the reward will be 1000 $IGC.
This week we have removed the confirm button to improve the UI. We have also been polishing the watch 3 videos to earn $IGC and testing in real time the withdrawals on the XRPL blockchain. Next week we are working on the discount corner, reusable module testing on our own internal mini games, documentation and improved UI for the levels winning flow for the further release of iHunt4 with some mini games to test the infrastructure. All in all looking forward to pumping out some games, getting them into the public domain, releasing more iHunt as we ramp up the campaign.  XRPL is working like a treat with the testing and is the cornerstone for our products.

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