Looking for Crypto Games for  Android and IOS? The crew at In Game Credit have the solution for you. We build modules for play to earn crypto games and build an entire ecosystem for players to enjoy blockchain games. There are great companies our there like Gala Games however we have positioned ourselves with a different blockchain called the XRP ledger. This way we minimise the gas and transaction fees for our players to move digital assets between the games. 

Who are the top 10 play to earn crypto games for IOS and Android? 

1) Gala Games 

2) iHunt4 

3) Lil Stepy 

4)IGC AR shooter

5) IGC AR throw

7) Logikl

8) Fore

9) IGC picture puzzle

10) Dinosaur Roar

Our integration on the XRP ledger helps us with almost instant withdrawals to your Xumm wallet meaning you can self custody the crypto that you win. We have built for website pc android and also for IOS bringing you a wide selection of great games to enjoy where you can win real crypto by playing.

We specialize in “Crypto win io and android” meaning we have setup fantastic play to earn games for you to enjoy. 

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