Weekly progress update on all things IGC (In Game Credit) Crypto Gaming

Most significant this week is the listing of $IGC on the special platform called SWFT All Chain Bridge. In the background we were working with their team across the globe on the listing which was very smooth and a good team to work with. 
The reason why we selected this platform is for an easy route for new players to convert their btc, eth, bnb across to the XRPL. We went ahead and video tested the first transaction from metamask to Xumm and as you can see from the video its not very complicated to swap eth to IGC. It took a few minutes to process and for us XRPL users we are used the the speed four minutes was an eternity. I guess we are dealing with multiple platforms and chains. More XRPL projects may want to consider this to open up some liquidity to the XRPL space. It still uses XRP on the ledger to purchase off the dex so its a win win.
Our reusable game module is looking sweet and we should begin the testing of the asset across multiple games in the next few weeks. We have been reworking some of the features from iHunt4 so they are more compatible across a variety of games. Some of the games are pretty basic but its the functionality and rollout we are monitoring. 
We have also been adding additional API calls so we can add additional features such as using IGC to unlock certain features or levels within the games. This all adds to the utility. 
Continue to work with games suppliers who we can partner with to add the IGC to their existing games. 
Bit of Website work this week such as applying this blog feature where we will provide regular updates. 
In the near future our roadmap is to roll out the module to several mini games, release iHunt4 and use the working model to leverage into large high quality crypto games.

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