Update on IGC (In Game Credit) a Free Play to Earn Crypto Games Ecosystem.
Today we released the IGC loyalty tokens. We have asked our loyalty program members to check their Xumm /Xaman wallets and let our team know if there is a challenge and we will investigate?
The team at IGC will be considering a third round shortly once we have finished our reorganization for 2024. 
As a high level update please see some of the updates below :
  • Internal Staff 6 (7 including Simon)
  • We are in the process of hiring an agency to drive the technology team allowing me to focus on sales, marketing and investment
  • We will maintain our current team in parallel 
  • Current runway – 2 years 
  • Live games 4 – Microgames for testing ASO and module testing
  • Purchased games 50 to be integrated and released into the ecosystem
  • Flagship games iHunt4 and LiL Stepy final testing in parallel with testing of module and mini games

About the project

Create an ecosystem of games powered by the IGC (In Game Credit) module. Two primary games are iHunt4 and Lil Stepy. iHunt4 is a retail based pokemon style game with augmented reality that has been carefully designed and is at 95% ready for deployment. Lil Stepy is a step counting app that rewards users with cryptocurrency upon the steps the user achieves. Our other exciting games include fore and logical which are word puzzle games which are live. We have 50 additional completed games to be integrated with the module.


We have developed a turn key module that enables ready made games to integrate our systems within 1-2 days and deploy on the IOS and Play Store, we refer to these games as mini games. Currently we have 4 operating on the play store ready for further ASO (App Store Optimisation). The IGC modules’ purpose is to deploy an ecosystem of games quickly and easily at a low cost all powered by $IGC.


Currently we are working on Unity however we would like to investigate other platforms such as unreal engine etc. Especially if we also want to deploy on platforms such as unreal engines.

IBM / Accenture

We are in contact with both IBM and Accenture to integrate their products and partner for additional exposure. There are four IBM products I would like to integrate including watson AI and 3 other backend processes. Accenture wants to see the numbers and analyse behaviour. Our retail exposure for iHunt and Lil Stepy go hand in hand as our primary apps involve walking, location, retail and wishlists. This is a future plan to implement.

Website Design

We are super happy with InGameCredit.com design. We will be converting iHunt to a similar branded theme.


We are fortunate to have a large community and a large amount of registrations and owners of our IGC crypto. We have also organised the marketing banners to start to promote the games when the time is ready. I will also be attending trade shows and promoting the ecosystem. I have hundreds of retail partners around the world ready to support after our soft launch.


There was an old saying we used to use “One throat to choke” meaning we will be restructuring so that we place an agency/ team lead in between myself and the staff setting KPIs for deliverables. We are in the process of putting this in place to allow me to focus on the retail, sales and promotion of the project. I will always be involved in the technical side however this way my time can be better utilized. We will keep our great existing developer team who are now fully trained on the XRPL however compliment them with additional agency support to increase efficiency, report and add value to functions such as ASO (App store optimisation) 

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out the IGC ecosystem. 

With kind regards 

Simon Church 

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