Week in Review for play to earn ecosystem


Always building away with our $IGC (In Game Credit) platform this week has been very focussed on ramping up our team and developments across the board. Below we highlight some of the initiatives we are directly focussing on. We have also been playing around with the Xahau and Evernode community as it is linked via Xiaman and it is always handy to be across the new technologies as the community evolves. I have set up a new office space for 2024 to motivate and deliver on our milestones. Below is a high-level summary of our team’s focus. 



Responded to RippleX on a survey on $IGC progress. Advised probably won’t be going to Denver XRPL dev conference as I prefer to build and stick to our budget. 


Designer Qayyum

Getting better at the screenshot samples we will have loaded up in the step counting app for both the play store and the IOS store. Shared one of the samples on twitter and our discord. 


Swap Engine

This is a section of our APPs where you will be able to swap or exchange $IGC for retail rewards. Two good agency quotes for IGC swap engine exchange in playfab (I will award on Monday)


Migration to playfab

Moving to playfab for better security, speed, costs. Proposal to playfab dev to do migration after multiple interviews. Have set deadlines for the smooth migration and new custom APIs to be written. 


Talking LiL Stepy

Hired Dev to do “Talking Lil Stepy App” he’s super keen and started R and R and is now beginning the wireframes for another flagship app to add to our play to earn ecosystem. 



Meetings being scheduled with IBM provided company numbers


LiL Stepy Progress

Faseh working on LiL Stepy identified and fixed small bug where we were adding too many steps, whoops! New APK for testing this weekend. Provided small UI changes such as additional claim button on new pages


New Tutorial Design
New design sp;ash page completed this is to show new users how to earn $IGC as we believe that many users will not be familiar with crypto or Xumm/ Xaiman. 



Hired new Dev Uzair to finalize iHunt4 received nda and will add to repo to do final peer review before release to the App stores for soft launch. This will be after our migration to playfab and testing. 

Advertising Consultancy

Umar helping with Lil Stepy Advertising consultation 



We are making a real effort to have the cute little character as part of our ecosystem branding. New LilStepy designs for merchandise I have hired a designer to do print quality resolution for POD (Print on demand)


New Animation

New animation for LilStepy lips moving for AI automation new designer we need this animation for the AI talking stepy so we can make the character come alive for our “Speek to Earn” application. 


Sprite Animation

New designer finishing sprite animation for walking Lil Stepy. The current APK is slightly blurry so we redesigned 51 action shots to make more professional



Preparation for migration endpoints


Cyber security

New job posted for cyber consultation for API website backend extra protect consult to our Full stack team.

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