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We have been diligently working away in the background on activities in the IGC ecosystem. Performing lots of testing and feedback on all of our applications. 

  • LiL Stepy – Most of our gaming development is happening on LiL Stepy the step counting APP for providing crypto rewards. It will be released free on both IOS and Play Stores. I am testing Android daily and the IOS convert is a simple process. 
  • Talking Stepy – I don’t have a real name for the talking Stepy however the concept is pretty cool moving responding character based on ten questions, funny voices and user is rewarded with cryptocurrency after asking the questions. Will run a competition for a catchy name when its ready for deployment
  • Custom APIs and Playfab: Still in transition to improve on speed, cost and security
    Retail $IGC exchange program: We have signed the contracts and initiated the module to exchange your $IGC for retail rewards in APP. This team is an agency and will be providing me daily updates on the progress. 
  • Bug found in LiL Stepy: We noticed a bug/ area we could improve on the way we count the steps and have initiated the fix for this
  • Ad networks: As we plan to be here for a very long time and  to ensure we cover our basic infrastructure we hired a consultant to assist our developers with setting up multi tiered networks so if one network cannot serve the banner adverts another will take its place. This helps us to diversify.   
  • iHunt4 we have hired a developer to do a peer review, insert new login and tutorial screens and prepare for the stores. 
  • Verification from our friends at google adsense where they send you a post card (How lovely)
  • Screen shot designs: We need to compile screen shot designs for both app stores our designer has kindly prepared the above images we can use.
  • On other news I just won 500k $CSC in the millionaires lottery so that’s a great way to start the weekend. Was also good to note that Daniel and his team are building a bridge to other chains. Something we will watch carefully. 
  • We continued to run a few host nodes on Evernode for fun. 

Looking forward to another exciting week as we build on the XRPL our $IGC ecosystem. Have a great week! Simon

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